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Posted by Nancy Whitehouse-Bain on 6/12/2017

Selecting the perfect color can be difficult. Using a color wheel is a good idea when trying to come up with a color scheme, or colors with confidence. When using a color wheel remember opposites attract, each one of these opposite colors complement each other. When using complementary colors make sure one color is more subtle than the other. Another way to use the color wheel is to use colors next to each other. These are related colors which create a less contrasting effect. Using the color wheel you can also choose a monochromatic scheme. This is created by taking any one of the 12 color hues on the wheel and repeating it in various shades, tints and tones. Using the color palates base on one basic color gives you the monochromatic effect. Choosing this style can make the process of coming up with a good color scheme in your home a little easier by having one general color in mind. This style helps to create an elegant look for your home because all the colors flow so smoothly together. Incorporating colors into the home can be over whelming for some people. A good way to see what colors work well together is to look at wrapping paper and gift bags. In the gift wrap isle you will see unusual color combinations that you may be able to bring into your home. Your color scheme can also be inspired by simply pulling colors from the furnishing in the room. No matter how you decide on a color scheme donít be afraid to take a chance. Remember paint is very forgiving it can always be changed if you are unhappy with the results.

Posted by Nancy Whitehouse-Bain on 1/2/2017

large womanAs a buyer or renter, walking into a very small space, whether it be your potential new home, apartment, or condominium, is initially unappealing. On the other hand, the idea of trying to sell or rent a small homestead can seem like somewhat of a challenge. As a buyer, consider the different possibilities for the small space. Built-ins often give a room or home character. If you have closets, consider removing their doors and building your own built-ins. This is especially helpful in areas where a closet is found behind the entryway to a room. Use of color will play a large role in the overall appearance of a small room. While dark colors can be detrimental, lighter, softer colors can open up a room or apartment. Not one for four tan walls? Trying three light, neutral walls paired with a bright vibrant accent wall. Is this small house or apartment going to be saving you money? Consider the instances in which the asking price or rent is lower for smaller properties. Also keep in mind heating a smaller space will be cheaper than a larger one. As a seller, when showing your property, make sure your space is free of clutter. Keep in mind too much furniture, or too much mess, in general, can make a space look smaller and less appealing. As a real estate agent I am constantly looking at varying sized homes and apartments and may be able to offer solutions to any small-space buying or selling concerns.